Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 8 Point Totals

Blah, blah, blah, points. All I really cared about this week was that it will probably be the last time that I ever have to watch The Bachelorette. Look, people, this marked our inaugural draft season and we made a few mistakes that we certainly won't be making again: Chief among them was including this god awful show. Never, ever again.

But before it ended, Poyer got some major points out of it. J.P. Rosenbaum was crowned the winner (?) of the whole shebang when Ashley agreed to spend the rest of her miserable self-hating life with him (50 points). The couple also shared two kisses (10 points) and exchanged a gift (10 points).

Over in Celebrity Rehab land, Sugar Kiper is proving to be a very advantageous late-round pickup. She cried 3 times this episode, netting 15 points. Too bad Poyer evened it out with 15 points from Michael Lohan's undelivered upon threat to leave the show.

Jenn from the Challenge behaved the way she usually behaves on these shows: getting pretty drunk (9 points) and yelling at some girl (5 points). Poyer also netted 10 points from Laurel's challenge win. Boo. Lessening those blows were the kissing points I got from Paula (5), the yelling points I got from crazy-ass CT (5), and the double kissing points I got from Wes and Mandi (5 each). And, finally, I bid adieu to perhaps my favorite team member, Jasmine. Thanks for all for the punches, shots, broom closet hookups and goodbye tears (5 points). 

Now, let's talk about Basketball Wives. There is some weird shit happening in the water down there in Miami. See, Eric Williams of Jennifer Williams' ex-husband fame, is producing some sort of a motion picture to capture the ever elusive Basketball Wives Fans Who Also Love Action Movies set. And he wants Royce to star in it. And she's actually interested. Welp, there went 10 self-promotion points to Poyer. Thankfully I countered it with a double whammy from Evelyn (5 points for crying and 5 for kissing).


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