Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Draft Point System!

We're currently in the process of recruiting more members for the league! How exciting, right? For the fall league we'll be basing competition on the following shows:

Survivor: South Pacific (Sept. 14, CBS)
The Biggest Loser (Sept. 20, NBC)
America's Next Top Model (Sept. 14, The CW)
The Real World: San Diego (Sept. 28, MTV)
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Sept. 5, Bravo)

The following will be the point system:

Leaving Early:

Being kicked off of show by production (50)
Threatening to leave a show
    -Following through (30)
    -Not following through (15)
Coming back to show after they have left (15)


Extreme intoxication (commissioner’s discretion) (1-10)
Vomiting (10)
Claiming to have blacked out (5)
Drinking straight from the bottle (10)


Kissing someone else on camera
    -same sex (5)
    -opposite sex (10)
Three-way kiss (10)
Referring to lesbian behavior as begotten from alcohol (10)
Engaging in sexual intercourse (25)
Being the subject of excessive slurping noises added by producers (15)
Engaging in a threesome (30)
Hooking up with more than one person in the same day (non-threesome) (20)
Intentional nudity (20)
Unintentional nudity (10)


Engaging in a verbal altercation (5)
Engaging in a physical altercation (25)
Throwing a drink or having a drink thrown on you (15)
Pulling a weave out (15)
Being restrained or lectured by production staff (25)
Requesting to be assaulted (10)
Feigning being held back by others during an altercation (10)
Punching wall or other inanimate object (10)
Breaking nail as a result of attacking or being attacked (5)
Claiming to have blacked out during a violent episode (10)


Female crying (5)
Male crying (20)
Uttering iterations of the following: (5 each)
“There for the right reasons”
“Not here to make friends”
“Throw you under the bus”
“Everyone here hates me”
Making someone cry (10)
Curling up into the fetal position during altercation (15)
Plugging acting, modeling, singing career outside of the show (15)
Talking about altruistic things that will be done with winnings (20)


Biggest Loser (Sept. 20, NBC)

Blaming weight gain on caring too much about others, not enough about self (10)
Dedicating weight loss to dead friend/relative (10)
Binging during food challenge (5)
Intentionally gaining weight (20)
Being subject to being yelled at by Bob Harper (5)
Referring to one’s team as “underdogs” (5)
Collapsing on or falling off of the treadmill or other equipment (25)
Saying that they "need to be here" (5)

Winning The Biggest Loser (50)

Survivor: South Pacific (Sept. 14, CBS)

Lying about occupation (20)
Arguing about food allotment (15)
Arguing with Jeff Probst (25)
Showing up to location in inappropriate shoes (15)
Finding hidden immunity idol (25)
Claiming to have found spirituality/Jesus/religion on Survivor (10)
Generalization about all old or young people  (5)
Winning Survivor (50)

America’s Next Top Model (Sept. 14, The CW)

Causing AndrĂ© Leon Talley to use the phrase “drekitude” (5)
Falling on the runway (20)
Being asked to “smize” (5)
Being subject to judges changing clothing during judging (10)
Accusing or being accused of having an eating disorder (10)
Being called a pretty girl, but not a model (10)
Saying another model is past their prime (10)
Winning America’s Next Top Model (50)

The Real World: San Diego (Sept. 28, MTV)

Being harassed by locals (5)
Hooking up with a roommate in the first two days (15)
Being banned from a local establishment (15)
Cheating on a significant other from back home (10)
Arguing over cleaning habits (10)
Referring to someone as either “real” or “fake” (5)
Engaging in sexual activity in the confessional (15)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Sept. 5,  Bravo)

Expressing anger without moving forehead (10)
Throwing extravagant party (10)
Referencing Hilton family name (10)
Dressing a family pet in clothing (5)
Questioning fidelity of another cast member’s spouse (20)
Comparing one’s wealth to that of another cast member (10)
Using the word “classy” (5)
Mentioning charity work (10)


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