Welcome to Reality Rivals: Not Here to Make Friends, where two best besties--Ryan Poyer and Helen Cooper-- will compete in a duel to the death for pride, glory and the hearts of a thousand beauties. Or, you know, pick players in a reality TV fantasy draft and watch as people punch, kiss and backstab their way to our final prize: absolutely nothing.
Here's how this is going to go down: We're basing our point system off of that generated by Bill Simmons and the folks over at Grantland, and as outlined in this post. Each week we will assign points based upon those gained by the players we have drafted. A weave pull here, some vomiting there... in the end, one of us will be crowned the ultimate champion! (...Of the Summer Reality TV Fantasy Draft!)

So stay tuned for episode recaps, player breakdowns and lots and lots of pithy commentary!

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