Friday, September 2, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific Cast Revealed

CBS did their big reveal for new Survivor cast members. The video below shows some introductions, but first there are some twist reveals too:

Here are some pics too, as well as short bios, all organized by tribe:

Savaii Tribe:

Elyse Umemoto (27)

-Pageant girl -Vegas dance team manager -Will use feminine wiles to get by -Reality TV vet

Whitney Duncan (27)

- Country singer -Reality TV vet -sweet girl -loves Jesus 

John Cochran (24)

-Harvard Law student -funny -won Harvard Dean Prize for essay he wrote about Survivor

Jim Rice (35)

-Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner -Poker champ -Worked on Wall Street

Semhar Tadesse (24)

-Spoken Word Poet -hates nature -afraid of Redemption Island -from Africa

Mark Caruso (48)

-Retired NYPD Detective -openly gay -people person -liked Russell

Keith Tollefson (26)

-Water Treatment Tech -has a pacemaker -physically competitive

Dawn Meehan (41)

-English professor -adopted six kids -trained six days a week before the show

Upolu Tribe:

Brandon Hantz (19)

-Nephew of infamous Survivor villain Russell -outdoorsman -claims to be good guy -young dad

Albert Destrade (26)

-Baseball/Dating Coach -Former college athlete - City guy -Smooth Talker

Edna Ma (35)

-Anesthesiologist -originally applied for Shark Tank -planning to lie about profession

Christine Shields Markoski (39)

-Teacher -feisty New Yorker -cast because she screamed in her audition tape

Sophie Clarke (22)

-Medical student -Watched Survivor her whole life -hates dumb girls

Mikayla Wingle (22)

-Lingere Football Linebacker -Playboy model -wants to get vets out

Rick Nelson (51)

-Rancher -Applied 14 times -plans on hard work getting him far in the game

Stacey Powell (44)

-Mortician -single mother -really doesn't want returning cast members to stay


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