Friday, September 2, 2011

The Biggest Loser Announces Cast!

Season 12 of The Biggest Loser premieres on Sept. 20 and some details of the new pack and how the competition will go down have leaked.

Fifteen new contestants will be divided into three teams of 5. The team divisions? Age. One group will be under 30, one 30-49 and one over 50. Everyone knows young people are lazy as fuck, no matter how fat they are. And olds? You can't trust olds to do anything right. My money's on the middle-of-the-pack folks. Especially since the team who wins the first competition gets to pick their trainer.

The folks over at NBC offered us this press release:

The new contestants include Vinny Hickerson, who overcame a difficult childhood to become a successful Nashville recording artist, Antone Davis, a 447-pound father of four and former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons, and Jennifer Rumple, a television producer who has accomplished every goal she has set for herself except one – losing weight.
Viewers will also meet Jessica Limpert, a traveling registered nurse whose long work shifts make it more challenging to eat healthy, Patrick Ferrari, who wants to lose weight to pass the physical agility test required to pursue his dream of being a police officer, and Bonnie Griffin, a 63-year-old grandmother of six who lost her home to Hurricane Katrina and lost her husband not long after.

Without further ado, here are the new contestants:

Under 30:

Courtney Rainville, Age: 24; Internet marketing specialist from Scottsdale, Arizona; 270 lbs.

Patrick Ferrari Age: 25 Mental health adult foster care worker) from Albany, Oregon; 387 lbs.

Jessica Lampert Age: 26; Travel nurse from San Francisco, California; 254 lbs.

Ramon Medeiros Age: 27; Tattoo artist from Florence, Colorado; 355 lbs.

Vinny Hickerson Age: 27; Songwriter/entertainer from Nashville, Tennessee; 426 lbs.


Jennifer Rumple Age: 39; Television producer from Alameda, California; 330 lbs.

John Rhode Age: 40; Special education teacher/football coach from Mesa, Arizona; 445 lbs.

Sunny Sinclair Age: 41; Fifth grade teacher from Frisco, Texas; 277 lbs.

Antone Davis Age: 41; Restaurant manager and former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons from 1991-97 from Knoxville, Tennessee; 447 lbs.

Joe Mitchell Age: 46; Home health therapist from Knoxville, Tennessee; 348 lbs.

The Olds:

Becky Comet Age: 50; Math teacher from Benton, Arkansas; 238 lbs.

Debbie Lounds Age: 60; Senior administrative assistant from Ann Arbor, Michigan; 239 lbs.

Mike Danley Age: 61; High school teacher/football coach from Spencerville, Indiana; 309 lbs.

Bonnie Griffin Age: 63; Retired payroll supervisor from Picayune, Mississippi; 254 lbs.

Johnny Forger Age: 65; Realty company owner from Canton, Massachusetts; 328 lbs.


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