Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 7 Point Totals

Thankfully Jen had an awful week last week. Finally, something good is happening around here, amirite? Here's how it all went down:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: After a few weeks of drama due to the Board Game Night From Hell, the ladies are due for some R&R. And what better way to relax than to hire three waiters, four masseuses, an electrolosis machine operator, a facialist and employ more than $300,000 worth of beautification equiptment? In your own home. That's what Lisa did, then invited the other ladies over to enjoy. Needless to say, it was less than relaxing. All of the extravagence caused Kyle to compare her wealth to Adrienne's (10), and Brandi's presense made her argue about the game night (5) and make poor Brandi cry (10). Amazingly enough, Brandi argued (5) and cried twice (10), all without moving her forehead once (10). And I thought Lisa dressing Giggy in clothes at every turn (5) was otherworldly.

Survivor: Big moves were made on the island last week. First Mikayla was defeated by Christine at Redemption Island, shedding a tear as she left (5). Then Ozzy got over his tantrum about Elise being voted out long enough to tell Cochran that he was going to throw himself to the wolves on Redemption Island, hoping to emerge the victor and have his tribe up numbers at the merge. Then Cochran totally blew the challenge, making himself (20) and Dawn (5) cry like babies and Ozzy punch a wall twice (20). After much talk of alliances, the merge and proving oneself (Keith said it once for 5 points), Ozzy had a dream about winning Redemption Island and volunteered himself. What an idiot.

The Biggest Loser: This week the contestants were giving the chance to save everyone on the ranch by losing 100 lbs. collectively. Well, that didn't go so well. I think they hit 40, maybe. Cry count: John (20), Jennifer (20), Ramon (20), Antone (20), Vinny (20), Sunny (10). Jennifer was also a huge baby about having to train with people other than Bob, causing her to get into an argument with Vinny (5 each) and tell people that she wasn't there to make friends (5). Well, after this episode she wasn't there at all. Antone did get to work with Bob though, and even got yelled at by him (15). He also told the crew that he needed to be there (5). But the big story this week was Ramon hooking up with a lady love on campus and netting 10 kissing points.

America's Next Top Model: This show continues to drudge on not doing much of anything. Bianca and Alexandia argued about god knows what (5 points each), and the pair both cried (Bianca twice for 10 and Alex once for 5). That was about all that happened.

The Real World: Look, this week was a comparatively dull one for this crazy ass show. Zach and Ashley were personality-less bigots, but the rest of the house kept their cool most of the time. I would have freaked the fuck out. First, Sam cried when she found out that her friend had gotten into a terrible car accident (5). Then she argued with Zach after he told her that he would "beat the gay out of her." (5 points each. She later cried over it (5) and had a one-sided argument with Frank over what to do about the situation (5). I would have cut the rest of his awful eyebrows off if I were them.


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