Sunday, June 12, 2011

About Us!

What would a blog about a reality TV fantasy draft be without a couple of assholes to watch all of this ridiculous television, comment on it and get entirely too invested in the lives of what is, ultimately, a group of largely unstable human beings? And wouldn't you like to know more about us? Well, if you insist. Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about Helen, as written by Poyer, and everything you need to know about Poyer, as written by Helen.

Poyer on Helen:

Helen Cooper loves reality TV almost as much as she loves her dogs, Homer and Charlie. Her natural talent for sniffing out bitchiness makes her a strong competitor in a draft. When not enjoying fine works of reality TV, she can be seen drinking tequila, asking how much a two pies is and being a copy editor at OK! Magazine. She is also dating the multi-talented Grant “The Commish” Rogers. (Grant, Poyer wrote that part, I hope you will remember that when deciding scoring.)

Helen on Poyer:

Ryan Poyer hates sweatpants. He hates alcohol, and most of all, he hates ladies--especially brunette dancers with giant racks. Those statements aren't actually true, but he is the world's largest hater. In fact, those are some of the few things that he actually does like. Add to that list reality TV catfights and talking crap on anyone and everyone around him and you'll get an idea of why he wanted to start this blog.

Facebook on Helen and Poyer:

  • You have 147 photos with Ryan Poyer. (Really, that's all?)
  • Things you both like: Kanye West, Lost and Al Roker
  • Also, this:


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