Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week 3 Points

Helen managed to forge the gap a bit this week, but she's gonna need a couple more landmark weeks to win the whole shebang. Here's how the week broke down:

The Challenge: Rivals: Most of Helen's points came from The Challenge, and most of those came from franchise player Jasmine. After kissing human piece of bacon Tyrie last night, the pint-sized pixie went all the way in what appeared to be a broom closet. (25 points) She then got into a verbal argument with both Camilla and Theresa, which resulted in a rough chest bump that the commish ruled as a physical altercation (5 points each for the arguments and 25 for the fight). After being pulled away from the argument by Sarah, Jasmine proceeded to punch a reflection of herself and destroy a mirror. Now, I don't think that would have netted any points had this Tweet exchange not taken place:

So there went 50 more points to Helen. Then in the morning, Jasmine got into another argument, thus getting 5 more points. CT and Leroy were pretty drunk when they interrupted Wes and Kenny's meditation session and were unable to read a piece of paper (5 and 10 points respectively). And in The Jungle Wes and Kenny were victorious, winning 10 points each.

The Bachelorette: Pretty lame week if you ask me. Then again, it's a pretty lame show. Only 5 points go to J.P. for open-mouth kissing.

Celebrity Rehab: Perhaps the most irresponsible reality show on television premiered with a whole new pack of wack-jobs. Bai Ling netted only 5 points for crying but she will probably be one of the best aquisitions in the game. Michael Lohan also cried, getting Poyer 20 points because he's a dude.

Basketball Wives: The ladies came to NYC this week and racked up a couple points. Evelyn cried over her father (5), blamed him for her problems (10) and claimed to be classy (5). Tami screamed at her cousin (5), blamed her mother for her behavior (10) and plugged her daughter's singing career, which she manages (20).


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