Friday, July 15, 2011

Week Four Point Totals

At this point, Poyer's lead seems almost insurmountable. This lame point week sure didn't help.

Celebrity Rehab started and there were some real winners right out of the gate. No one drafted Amy Fisher, which seems like a big misstep in retrospect. That chick is a hot mess. Michael Lohan knows exactly what he needs to do to get screen time and he did a little crocodile tearing right away. But, it's not the emotion we count, but the eyeball liquid so Poyer got a fat 20 points for male crying. Bai Ling is a cuckoo banana. She cried (twice, eliciting 10 points for Poyer), blessed the rehab facility with a candle ceremony, slinked around like a sad baby cat and crawled onto the mother fucking roof. Sean Young picked up a measly 5 points for crying BUT she seems to be a bit cray cray and might earn some more down the road.

On The Challenge we had a mild week compared to the previous couple. Lauren got 10 points for winning the elimination challenge. C.T. got back to his old, crazy self by screaming (twice-10 points) at Wes at threatening to eat his face. To be fair, CT thought that Wes was threatening to "take butter off of his family's table." Wes retaliated once, earning his own 5 points.

The Bachelorette is taking the week off and Basketball Wives gave us absolutely nothing. Here's hoping that next week is more eventful.


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