Friday, July 15, 2011

Week Five Point Totals

How am I still losing so badly at this game. It seems that in this game that combines sports and television, sports knowledge is more important? Ugh. Here are the point breakdowns for this week.

The Challenge: Laurel netted Poyer 20 points for getting naked with partner Cara Maria. But CT came back fighting with his own 20 naked points. The other peg in this annoying love triangle, Mandi, also got 5 points for unintentional nudity. Paula Walnuts kissed Ty, who is just the worst, so she got 5 points. But seriously, can she just get it in with Mike Mike already? Please?

Celebrity Rehab: Steven Adler was a an acquisition made out of assumption that he would scream at people and make them cry. Finally, some pay off. He earned 25 points for trying (and succeeding) at making Amy Fisher cry. Sean Young is a real crying machine, pulling out the waterworks three time for 15 points. I drafted Sugar Kiper just for her girl crying, and she paid off with 15 crying points.
After a hallmark week last week, Michael Lohan got only 10 points for puking. Yuck.

The Bachelorette: J.P. open-mouth kissed Ashley and got 5 points, as did Constantine.  But the real Bachelorette points came from Ryan P., earned 20 points for male crying after Ashley effectually told him that she thought he was gay. No girl feels comfortable enough telling you that there is absolutely NO sexual chemistry with you unless she thinks you're not interested in vaginas anyway. I mean, unless that girl is me and that guy is anyone hitting on me ever. Seriously, I'm very awkward and have no filter.


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