Sunday, June 12, 2011

Poyer's Draft: Assembling the Team That Cannot be Defeated

Round 1Kenny Santucci. Helen won the first pick and she took the ever-crazy and dramatic Paula. She usually makes it very deep in the competition leading to the opportunity for lots and lots of points. I decided to go with who I thought was actually going to win, so I selected Kenny (he was at the top of my board). Hopefully he can work with Wes to go far.

 Round 2 – Helen selects Wes, damn I wanted Wes, but a little bit later since I already had Kenny. I decided to go off-script and pick up the first non-Challenge competitor and picked Evelyn from Basketball Wives. She seems to be at the heart of the drama and will throw down, meaning lots of points for me!

 Round 3 – Helen selects Constantine from Bachelorette. He was #1 on my Bachelorette list so I know that it will be a while until I select one of them. But look, my #1 Celebrity Rehab candidate is there! Michael “Father of the Millennium” Lohan is the pick!

Round 4 – Helen steals my next pick, CT. I decide to steal one that I know she wants, too, by picking Laurel. Probably the strongest girl on the challenge and she always starts shit.

 Round 5 – If Helen didn't pick Tami here, I was going to do it and really dominate the Basketball Wives portion of our competition. Instead Helen stole her and I decide to get another rehabber, Bai Ling. Hopefully her judgment is as poor as the writers of Lost when they wrote that god awful episode with her in it.

Round 6 – Helen picks Mandi. I completely forgot about her, but she is a sloppy mess. She's also a very strong competitor (remember when she carried Wes in that exile?) I decide the half-way point is where I need to make sure I have a member from all the shows and pick J.P. from Bachelorette. He seems to have a decent shot.

 Round 7 – Helen picks the ever-crazy Sean Young. I need to counter by getting some more Basketball Wives drama and picking Royce.

Round 8 – Helen picks up Jasmine “Queen of the Swoop” from Real World: Cancun. I feel that knowing that Adam Royer gets kicked out for fighting, the logical person he's fighting is Leroy, giving me a chance to get some points from that (and also because he's one of my favorite RW cast members ever!)

 Round 9 – Draft is winding down. Helen picks another addict, Steve Addler. I decide to go for another strong Challenge contestant, Jenn. I hope she can get drunk and hook up with some folks to get me some good points.

Round 10 – Helen picks pizza-lover Tyler, the only Challenge contestant to gain weight during a challenge (probably not true). I decide to take a risk with Ev. She never makes any friends and is always targeted. I just hope she can win some individual challenges.

 Round 11 – Helen picks the other member of Team Fatty on The Challenge, Johnny Bananas. I make the choice for Ryan P. (in honor of myself) from Bachelorette. He seems to be a decent dude.

Round 12 – Helen rounds out her Celebrity Rehab team (she definitely has the stronger one of those, I think) and I go for the cheap points in Adam Royer. We both know he gets kicked out early so I hope he gets quite a few points before checking out like the scumbag he is.


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