Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Week Point Totals

Here's how I scored the week.


J.P. -20
Ryan P -25
Constantine 0

Nothing like screaming "Open mouth kiss her, you pussy!" at my TV to really show how great of a person you are. That got him 5 points. Unfortunately, Ryan P. and J.P. volunteered at an orphanage, giving up 25 points each.

Basketball Wives:

Royce  80
Evelyn  60
Tami  0

Nothing like a 60 point-per-participant fight to catapult one to the lead. I scored them each the same 5 for verbal fighting, 5 for a drink in the face, 25 for physical fighting, and 25 for being restrained. Roycew got another 5 for flashing her panties and a whopping 20 for plugging her book, As well as Evelyn getting an extra 10 points for requesting to be assaulted! Blockbuster week!


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