Monday, September 19, 2011

Last Week's Superlatives

Look-alike of the Week:

Dawn from Survivor and the troll from the troll meme fame.

Most Anticipated Show:

The Real World, of course! This looks to be a group of absolute train wrecks. Let the drama begin!

Best Collection of Jumpsuits:

Sheena from America's Next Top Model. Even Andre Lean Talley agrees: sister, you look fab in a onesie. Dat ass!

Biggest Fall:

Antone on The Biggest Loser. Look at that chubby bunny go down!

Born to be a Reality TV Star Award:

Jim from Survivor. He managed to get into a fight with another castaway, lie about his occupation, garner more airtime than even the returning cast members and talk about how hot the ladies were, all while acting totes gay.

Least Single:

Camille Grammer, who recently announced that she's been dating a "normal guy" for about two months. Hope she doesn't spill the beans on this one's sausage size. Get it, gurl!


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