Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 1 Fall Point Totals

Three of our five shows are now on the air, and that means tears, fights and plenty of inappropriate shoes!

Let's break it down by show:

Survivor: There was plenty of footwear that should never, ever be brought to the beach going on in this mess. Coach, Stacey, Dawn, Semhar, Mikayla, Whitney, Cochran, Brandon, Ozzy, Elise and Christine all showed up in ridic flip flops or dress shoes, netting 15 points each. Dawn threw on the water works three separate times to get herself 15 extra points, Semhar cried twice, getting 10 points. Jim lied (poorly) about his occupation to grab 20 points and Mark claimed that all the young people on his tribe would stick together, not giving him a chance, for 5 points.

**Amended to reflect 5 points for Coach saying "alliance."

ANTM: Andre Leon Talley was not a fan of Bre's photo at panel and she received the dreaded drekitude label, getting herself 5 points. Alexandria cried twice (10 points) when the crowd at live judging booed her and told her that they hated her (harsh much?), and Shannon cried once (5 points) when she was asked to wear underwear that were twice the fabric than the swim suit bottoms she ultimately chose.

RHOBH: Taylor started what I think will be a big trend this season and cried twice for 10 points. Kim and Kyle only cried once each when she talking about their relationship, but it got them each 5 points. Camille's weekend mountain party for the ladies netted 10 points and in fab Lisa fashion, we got a disgusting scene of Ms. Vanderfabulous open-mouth kissing a dressed-up Giggy (5 points).


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